DIAMOND 300W (3W LED) Full Spectrum 360-870nm LED Grow Light Panel for Indoor Flower Plants

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Latest Dimond Version LED Grow Light for plants, using effective full spectrum 360-870nm sunlight spectrum for plants, largely accelerate the plant growth. Compare with the previous led grow lights, Diamond LED Grow Light use high par value and high lumen ligthing for the plant growth. Solid lamp body can last for long time. It can be used to enhance the growth of different plants (medical plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers ). Widely used in hydroponic, greenhouse, indoor garden, horticulture, aeroponics. It is suitable for all plants growth.

Diamond 300W LED Grow Light Panel
Full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stage: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm)
LEDs: 100PCS exclusive 3W grow LEDs
Dimension: 310*210*60mm (12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36inches)
Coverage Area: about 3 x 3.5 Square Feet ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments )
Lumens: 11000lm
Par: 380umol/1m 200/1.5m
Lux: 13000lux/1m 10000lux/1.5m
Lifespan: >50,000hours
LED Power : 300W
Actual Power consumption : 169W+/-3%
Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v
Working environment : -20~40℃,45%~95%RH
Working Frequency: 50~60Hz
Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU,JP)
Warranty: 3 Year All Inclusive

Plants grow faster and flower bigger: Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-730nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Bloomming,
High Efficiency Optimized for PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration
High Efficiency Powerful 3Watt BridgeLux LEDs, Low Energy Consumption
Powerful Cooling fan system inside, Cool and Quieter
Revolutionary Heat Aluminium PCB, Run 80% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights
1pcs Strong Hanging Kits are available for Easy Installation
All LEDs with a Zener to ensure One LED Goes Out the Rest Continue to Operate
3years Long Life Span, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Package List:
1X Diamond 300W LED Grow Light
1X Free LED Grow Light Hanger
1X Free Power Cord

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